Labor & Employment Law

Class Actions

Pregnancy Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

Failure to Engage in the Interactive Process

Failure to Provide Reasonable Accommodation

Violations of Leave Laws for Pregnancy and/or Care of a Loved One (Family Medical Leave Act/California Family Rights Act/Pregnancy Disability Leave)

Violations of Sick Leave Laws

Sexual Harassment

Age Discrimination

Gender Discrimination

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

National Origin Discrimination

Racial Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

Whistle Blowing

Hostile Work Environment

Wrongful Termination

Retaliation—Engaging in Protected Activity; Reporting Health & Safety Concern; Requesting Lawful Leave; Reporting Violations of Law 

Meal & Rest Break Violations

Minimum Wage Violations

Overtime Violations

Failure to Pay Vacation Pay

Unlawful Deductions

Unreimbursed Business Expenses

Waiting Time Penalties

Wage Statement Violations

Misclassification – Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Breach of Contract

Severance Agreements

Unemployment Benefits & Appeals




Personal Injury

Car Accidents

Slip and Falls

Medical Malpractice

Products Liability

Wrongful Death