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Are You Being Mistreated At Work?

Every workplace should be safe and fair for all employees. Discrimination, malicious practices, and illegal acts by an employer are unacceptable, damaging to your professional life, and illegal. However, each day thousands of employees witness or experience mistreatment or abuse in the workplace.

With Light Law Group’s guidance, you can remedy the problems at work that make it harder to earn your living or secure your future in the case of a wrongful termination. We help protect you from your employer – not the other way around – and can improve your chances of a positive outcome for any legal actions that need to be taken.

When it comes to employment law in Los Angeles County, nobody fights harder for you than Light Law Group.

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Employment Law in Los Angeles County

At Light Law Group, we fight to ensure that you are always being treated fairly. You deserve the same opportunity for success and equal treatment as anyone else. If you feel like you aren’t being treated properly, you need to get started with a Los Angeles employment lawyer immediately to learn your options and how to better build your case.

With our legal advice, you can work towards a resolution more quickly, increase settlement payouts, protect your professional reputation, and secure your future without worrying about your employment.

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If you’ve been discriminated against in the workplace, or think you may have been, contact Light Law Group today. We’ll work with you on your eligibility for legal protection, and possible recourses you may have available to you.

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What Does Mistreatment In The Workplace Look Like?

Mistreatment comes in a variety of forms, including harassment, verbal abuse, professional discrimination, wage mishandling, and more. It can also be hard to know what constitutes mistreatment and when it is happening to you, which is why it’s crucial that you seek professional guidance for your case.


From persistent “jokes” at your expense to a lack of progress in the workplace to sudden unjustifiable termination, there is no specific mold that each case of mistreatment fits. However, no matter the case, you have rights that include fair and equal treatment. Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or harassed in the workplace – especially from a boss or superior.


Discrimination or adverse actions taken against you by an employer or employee due to age, sex, race, religion, disability, or other classes are illegal. This includes during the hiring process and as an employee – even at-will employment. 

Your employer may not treat you differently if you are an expecting mother or suffer from a disability and may not pay you a different salary because you are a man or woman. There are also certain accommodations that may be due to disabled employees which must be provided without reason for disability. 

Wage Disputes

There are a number of wage, overtime, breaks, and other laws that your employer may be violating which can cost you time and money. From compliance with minimum wage laws to ensuring that you are paid correctly for time worked, an employment lawyer ensures you receive what you earn.