When it comes to issues in the workplace, it can be incredibly difficult for an employee to solve the problem themselves. Fear about facing retaliation, getting fired, or being socially affected by exercising your rights are real concerns faced by employees everyday. 

But with the help of an experienced employment lawyer, you can resolve situations legally and receive proper treatment or compensation for your mistreatment by fellow employees or employers.

Do You Need An Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles?

Wrongful Termination

If you’ve been fired from your job for reasons that you believe to be illegal, including family status or personal matters unrelated to your performance, you may have a case for wrongful termination. However, wrongful termination is one of the hardest cases to prove – especially without help.

A Los Angeles employment lawyer can help you to evaluate your options for pursuing legal action or a settlement. This provides you with the best chance to win your case and maximize your payout.

Harassment Without Resolution

The workplace is already a high-intensity and often stressful environment – your job should not be made even more difficult due to harassment. However, it is not uncommon for fellow employees, bosses, and even employers to be guilty of harassment in the workplace. 

If you experience harassment that is not resolved quickly and effectively, your next step should be contacting an experienced employment lawyer in Los Angeles. This is especially true in cases where the offender is a superior that you do not have an effective means of reporting the incident or receiving a favorable resolution without retaliation to.

Discrimination in the Workplace

Similar to hiring laws that protect applicants from discrimination, employees are protected from mistreatment or termination due to race, religion, family status, and other protected classes. Mistreatment can include a lack of opportunity for advancement due to discrimination, unreasonable poor job evaluations, and harassment due to these factors.

Working with a Los Angeles employment lawyer can give you insight into discriminatory practices you are facing, help you gather proof of discrimination to help your case, and provide a better result if litigation is required.